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What is a TIF District?

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a method of financing of public improvements with the incremental taxes created by new construction, expansion, or renovation of property within a defined area of the community. This powerful tool for funding necessary infrastructure improvements has been used successfully in communities throughout New Hampshire. NH Office of Energy & Planning TIF Explanation Guide

Where are Hopkinton's TIF Districts?

At Town Meeting in March 2018, Hopkinton voters established two (2) Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts.

The Exit 6 TIF District encompasses the commercial area around Exit 6 on I-89 and runs about a mile along Maple Street. The Hart's Corner TIF District is located at the intersection of Routes 202/9 and Maple Street and runs about 3/4 mile along Maple Street.​​​​

MAP - Hart's Corner TIF & CCOD

Hart's Corner TIF District

MAP - Exit 6 ERZ + TIF_cover image_4-13-23

Exit 6 TIF District

What are the Rules?

Some key provision are listed here, but you can review the entire statute, RSA 162-K for a full understanding.

  • A municipality must first adopt the provision of RSA 162-K before creating a TIF. (Done at Town Meeting 2018)

  • Following adoption of the provisions of the statute, the town may then establish one or more development districts.

  • (Two created at Town Meeting 2018)

  • For each district, the town must establish a Development Program including a Tax Increment Financing Plan which shall allocate use of tax increments for retirement of bonds and notes, operation, maintenance and improvements in the district and for general municipal purposes.

  • Money raised within a district must be spent within that same district.

Available Incentives
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