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Hopkinton-Contoocook Downtowns & Trails Project

The Town of Hopkinton has partnered with UNH Cooperative Extension's Economic and Community Development team to learn about residents' and visitors' experiences in the Village of Contoocook and on local trails, and to better connect the trails (including the blue trail of the river) with sustainable economic development goals.

The project began with the Steering Committee conducting a spatial assessment - a cataloging of physical features present or lacking - and an open survey, followed by more in depth interviews with "Key Informants."

All the data will be synthesized into an accessible report and shared with the community. Action committees will be forming soon and there will be opportunities to engage in next steps (contact Economic Development Director Anna Wells for more information).

Read about the project on the UNH website: Collecting Data on Community Capital While Building Social Capital

And view the project's preliminary findings here (and below), which were shared with the community at the Farmers' Market on July 29, 2023.

Hopkinton Contoocook DTs preliminary findings_Page_1.jpg
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