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Traffic Calming Demonstration Project
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As of 8:30am Thursday, November 3, the Traffic Calming Demonstration has been dismantled. Thank you to everyone who took the survey and shared your feedback in other ways! You can still do take the survey through Sunday, November 6:

Why did it get removed? The materials borrowed from the Regional Planning Commission had to be returned. And now that it's November, it could snow any day now! (Only kind of kidding.)  So to prevent cones and barricades getting stuck in snow piles until April, those were removed as well.

What does this mean for the intersection? All the groups involved agree that much valuable knowledge was gained from this demonstration. Many of the aspects of the demonstration were highly successful based on the goals set for the project (which were to: 
slow speeds of vehicles traveling through the intersection; make the area conducive to more walking and cycling, in part to encourage increased retail activity around this location; make the area feel safer for all road users (drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, et al.); and create the potential for an overall reduction in pavement in the area.) While we are still determining exactly the next steps and still gathering survey feedback, the probable next step is a presentation to the Select Board in the coming weeks with a recommendation.

Before you go! 

Check out these GORGEOUS drone shots from the morning of Thursday, November 3, just before it was dismantled. THANK YOU GREG SAGRIS!

It's gone! 

Please read through the FAQ and the project details, then share your feedback about the project:

Questions? Email


What is traffic calming?

Traffic calming is any physical change in a street that makes drivers slow down. Traffic calming makes streets safer for people who walk, bike, roll, and drive. This project will display ways we can make the street safer for all. Traffic calming also builds on the Economic Development principle that safer streets are more productive streets.

The Basics:
Project Photos
project narrative

Did you know...?

This project is happening at VIRTUALLY NO COST to the Town of Hopkinton!

Thanks to donations of time and materials and with the assistance from the folks listed below.

  • Hopkinton Economic Development Committee members

  • Central NH Regional Planning Commission

  • Hopkinton Village Precinct residents

  • Hopkinton Public Works Department

  • Hopkinton Police Department

  • State of NH DOT


Why test out these changes in Hopkinton Village? 

This intersection has A LOT going on! Check out the graphics below...

  • The sweeping right turn going west on Main Street (US202/NH9) onto Hopkinton Road (NH103) encourages high rates of speed - faster than the 30 MPH speed limit. Higher speeds = more severe accidents and less safe streets. With the newly designed turn, drivers will slow down going through the intersection.

  • The "extra" slip lane (described above) creates an additional source of oncoming traffic for vehicles turning into and out of Briar Hill Road, meaning more chances for conflicts (i.e. accidents) between vehicles and other road users.

  • There are NO crosswalks at or near this intersection, making it unclear for both pedestrians and motorists where and when someone may be in the road on foot. This demonstration adds a single crosswalk across Main Street (this is the location specifically permitted by NHDOT).

  • When vehicles move at slower and safer speeds and pedestrian facilities are in place, people are encouraged to walk or bike to their destination - this reduces the number of cars on the road (less wear and tear all around) and leads to more physical activity and a healthier community.

  • Ultimately, if this "demonstration" is successful, and the changes are adopted in a more permanent way, pavement (impervious) could be replaced with green space (permeable), which would improve stormwater infiltration and road drainage in the area, meaning easier maintenance .

Why does the Economic Development Committee support this? 

  • First, part of the EDC's vision for Economic Development means better quality of life for all of Hopkinton's residents - in addition to supporting and growing businesses. Safer transportation and more transportation options are part of that vision.

  • Slower streets are safer streets, and safer streets are more productive streets.

    • It's true that Hopkinton Village doesn't have quite the commercial activity that Contoocook Village does. And it's true that Contoocook Village has its own traffic issues. However, the intersection here in Hopkinton Village is a bit less complicated, though is still the intersection of two State highways.

    • This project is beneficial for the reasons stated above, AND it is a good way to test out some traffic calming strategies before moving to a more complicated project, for example in Contoocook Village.

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